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Jetpack Hashtag Assistant for iOS

Jetpack Hashtag Assistant for iOS


Jetpack is the fastest way to organize and copy your hashtags for Instagram. I know because I‘ve timed it.

Say goodbye to that scrappy Notes file you’ve been copying your hashtags from. Stop trying to tediously count 30 hashtags every time you post. Free yourself of that whole tap-hold-select-drag-squint-drag-a-little-more-copy nonsense.


  • Copy a perfectly formatted set of hashtags to your clipboard with one tap
  • Tap and hold to combine and copy multiple sets of hashtags together
  • Toggle individual hashtags to refine your set before copying
  • Effortlessly see how many hashtags are being copied at any given time
  • Seamlessly import your existing hashtags or create new hashtag sets

Jetpack is designed to be stupidly simple. Just copy the hashtags you need in less than a second and paste them directly to Instagram or your favorite scheduling app.

No frills. No time wasted. Just your hashtags, really really quickly.

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