Adobe Lightroom Presets for Watch Photography

Adobe Lightroom Presets for Watch Photography

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Elevate your watch photography with Watch Studies' personal pack of Lightroom Presets, created and tailored specifically for watch photography. Whether you edit on mobile, tablet, or desktop, these presets will help you enhance every detail and capture the beauty of your timepieces.

Save yourself hours of tedious editing. Transform your photos into stunning works of art and make your photography stand out from the rest with a single tap.This watch photography Lightroom preset pack is perfect for watch enthusiasts and photographers at any stage of their creative journey. Instantly download and use them to join the growing community of watch enthusiasts sharing richer stories about the watches they love.

Includes 15 distinct looks

This preset pack includes 5 unique styles that each lend a different aesthetic to your watch photography. Each style also comes in 3 variations for a total of 15 different looks.

N – Neutral
Balanced colour tones for your everyday shots.

C – Cool
Soft blue undertones for a crisp look and feel.

T – Toasty
Warm midtones and highlights for that sunkissed aesthetic.

L – Lab
Gloomy with a splash of fun for a more eccentric character.

W – Watch Studies
Rich and moody. This is the classic Watch Studies aesthetic.

Bonus: 3 utility presets

This preset pack also includes 3 helpful utility presets to give you optimal control over your editing experience.

Full Reset
A handy shortcut to fully reset all adjustments on your photo.

Strip Preset
Resets only the adjustments that the presets would have modified.

Reset Colour Mix
Resets only the Colour Mix adjustments. Useful when you want to edit a JPG but want to maintain the out-of-camera colour profile.


This preset pack is compatible with Adobe Lightroom on your computer, tablet, or mobile device. Installation steps differ depending on the version and device you're using.

File delivery

Preset files will be available for download immediately after purchase.

Free updates

Updates to this preset pack will forever be free. When there are updates, files and instructions will be sent out to the same email address used to make the purchase.

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