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X-T4 by Fujifilm

X-T4 by Fujifilm

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The newest cowboy in town is this Fujifilm X-T4. Let me get some superficial (but let’s face it, equally important) commentary out of the way: this thing is beautiful. As the fourth generation model in this line, Fujifilm has really refined and resolved the form factor. I even opted for the silver model to really let the details shine.

With my X-T2 now being permanently mounted as my overhead camera, the X-T4 has become the new everyday handheld choice. Truthfully, from a specs standpoint, I could have equally gone for the X-T3 (affiliate link) and saved a few bucks. But as a long-time Fuji user with a deep investment in their X-series system, it felt right to future-proof myself and get the latest and greatest. My wife even saliently pointed out that future me will probably appreciate this decision as much as I appreciate having the X-T2 today. This is how I know I married the right woman.

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